Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Running all the day long

Elise and I started off the day great with a good ol' fashioned run through the city of Vilnius.

Now I'm trying to picture how one would run ol' fashioned-ly.  In a full body bathing suit?

Anyway, after Skyping with my sister Karis for a while (which was absolutely wonderful, by the way.  I can never get enough of that wonderful girl :), Elise and I caught a bus into the city.  After surviving the rank ride (have I mentioned 70% of the population here refuses to use deodorant. Yum) we hopped off near the river Neris and started running down the path that followed it. After a while, we came to a branch where Vilnia veered off towards Gediminas tower. We decided to take that route, and ended up jogging up the (insanely steep!) hill to Three Crosses. Elise hasn't seen it yet, so we took a pit stop up there to enjoy the view.
Recap picture of Three Crosses from my earlier blog post about the hike Janese and I took up there on the 4th of Jul

Picture of me enjoying the view at Three Crosses. It really is one of my favorite places in Vilnius now.
As expected, Elise loved the view.  We spent some time enjoying the sights (including the lovey teenage couple that was also up there) before heading down the other side of the hill.  Which, conveniently enough, popped us out right on the banks of Vilnia! Elise got in and played around in the water for a while, whilst I face planted and scratched up my leg.

Brilliant, Hillary. Brilliant.
Once Elise had satiated her inner-mermaid, we were back on our jogging way! This time, destination: Užupis.  What can I say? I couldn't stay away :) Once we got to Užupis, we found all sorts of fun sights!
Graffiti art and potted plants. I love artsy people.

In case you can't tell, that a plaster wall. With about 20 cigarette boxes nailed to it.

A sign of the Užupis angel, hanging over an artsy alleyway (which is where we found our cigarette wall friend)

This completely describes Užupis to me. A once beautiful fountain, now run down and unable to be filled with water, probably because of water bills. The Užupis solution? Make it beautiful with painted pictures and potted plants.

We also found a beautiful little park with a pond

And about 2 tons of scum. Pond scum, that is. Not the card game kind.

The Užupis lock bridge - so much emotion in these artists! :)
 Overall, it was a great (and very long) run.  After we finally made it back to the apartment, we had just enough time to shower and get cleaned up before heading into school. For class that day, we made potato paintings! Remember when you were in 3rd grade and did that unit on farming and gardens? Did you get to cut a potato in half, dip it in paint and stamp all sorts of potato/paint goodness to make a picture? Do you remember totally LOVING it? Because I do. And that's what we did today :) I forgot to take pictures, but I have all the kids art hanging in my room now. It's super cute! (and smells vaguely of starch)

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