Friday, July 13, 2012

Spin Art

With contribution from Bailey's genius, I'd like to think today was one of my better lessons with the kids. They loved the project, and it was pretty fun for me to!

Today, we did spin art - basically, putting a top in a box, spinning it as hard as their little fingers could manage, then drizzling paint on top while it was spinning. Thanks to momentum and Newton's laws, we ended up with some great stuff:

While we were working on the paint, Alyssa took my camera from off the windowsill and started playing paparazzi whilst singing "Row, row, row your boat".

 It was a pretty fun day :) Besides that, the only exciting and memorable thing about my day was this blasted (yet glorious) song that I had stuck in my head for about 8 hours straight...
Gotta love dancing polka dot zoo animals. And King Julian. Actually, mostly just King Julian :)

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