Friday, June 29, 2012

Stockholm - Day 2

I'm getting too tired to come up with any creative title right now.  Apologies.

After getting to bed early the night before, we were geared and ready to start our next day on the city! We began by strategically heading to one of the only places in Stockholm that's actually open before 11am, the Sky view globe track!  Skyview is positioned outside the Ericcson Globe arena (which is exactly what it sounds like), and is basically two glass gondolas that travel up two sets of rails outside the arena, to about 130 meters above sea level.
An outside view of the gondola Skyview track
Besides the fact that this globe view was SUPER cool, it was also free with Mom and I's stockholm card, so that sealed the deal :)
Mom and I riding up the track in the glass gondolas
One of the other globes passing us on it's way up
Cresting at the top of the track

To be met with this view :)

Mom and I in the Skyview globe
Our fellow glass globe riders
After we had conquered the heights of Stockholm, we ran to catch the next metro to head to our next destination - a boat tour around the Stockholm islands.
The inside of our tour bus - compete with headphones and English dialogue! I love it when that happens (English, that is.)

Our sightseeing boat
Mom and I on the (windy) docks
After the boat tour, we started on our museum touring extravaganza!!! The Nodiska Museet museum and glories of Skansa!  Nordiska Museet is on Djurgården, and basically covering Sweden's cultural history. It's got exhibitions on the home, clothes and fashion, customs and traditions uncovering daily life in Sweden through the ages.  It was pretty interesting, though I'll admit -I was mainly excited about the museum cafe equipped with delicious Brie sandwiches :)
The outside of the Nordiska museum
The inside of the main exhibit
 Though the museum was equipped with all sorts of displays on fashion, grumpy statue men, and dollhouses, I'm afraid I only thought to take pictures of the main hall.  Mom and I blew through it pretty quickly, because we were trying to book it to where we really wanted to go - SKANSEN!!!!

Skansen is an "open air museum" and is also set on the island of Djurgården, just a little ways away from the Nordic museum.  However, instead of exhibits and displays of artwork or history that you can look at, Skansen is an experienced museum - one that occupies half the island with old Swedish buildings, house, churches, glass-blowing shops, furniture shops and other buildings from the Swedish history.  While wandering around the buildings, you'll happen upon workers there, dressed in the Swedish attire of the building they work in (for example, a pastor's wife, a peasant, a nobleman, etc.) who will tell you of the history contained in the era or house.  Basically, the whole thing is SUPER cool.
Streets of Skansen

The old windmills

One of the nicer houses in Swedish history - I believe this belonged to a merchant?

Some of the staff in Skansen

One of my favorite houses - you had to mow the roof as well as the lawn :)

A weaving and wool working station in one of the houses - they even let Mom try!

A Skansen potter

One of the old Swedish stoves
One of my favorite experiences in Skansen was in the wood carving shop.  The wood carver was so kind, and took the time to talk to Mom and I, even explaining IKEA's origins in the process :) (Fun fact of the day - this particular Swedish furniture store isn't pronounced "eye-key-ah" apparently. It's "eye-kay-ah", and is an acronym. The first 2 letters stand for the founder's initials, and the second 2 for his hometown where he founded the first store. Admit it. That was a fun fact, wasn't it?) After talking to this kind man for a while, he ended up sending us home with one of his carvings, a beautiful knot pattern that Mom's going to use for our Christmas tree ornament. Even when he tried to pay us, he waved us off and thanked us for the conversation. I love nice people :)

While wandering around Skansen, we also happened upon the petting zoo they have there, and got to play with all sorts of animals!
A peacock that was wandering around the park, chasing the females around (who were also loose)

A sloth.  He was pretty weird. And not that cute.

Lemurs, that were bouncing around during feeding time - there were dozens of them!  And they were super cute :)

One of the Mommy lemurs carrying around "Peanut", one of the babies who was about 1 year old
 After leaving Skansen for the day, Mom and I were pretty dang hungry and wandered around the island before deciding on a cute little restaraunt, where we ordered this deliciousness:
Swedish meatballs with a cream sauce and lingonberry jam! Oh my goodness. It was divine.
The day finished off pretty early, since both Mom and I were tuckered out from gallivanting around all the islands.  On the plus side, we're getting really good at conquering the public transport system :)
P.S. The day ended with Swedish chocolate. Always a plus.

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