Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sunny Highlights

Good news of the day:
1)  Went into town with Janese and Elise

2)  Found a foxy European turquoise blazer for $12!!!
3)  Giggled at Elise's shortness - she had to step up on the curb to reach the ATM today
4)  Visited Tiger - a British store, stocked with some of the strangest goodies seen.  Highlights include mustache shaped kitchen sponges, Buddha piggybacks, indoor Star Wars themed golf courses, and about a hundred different spices from around the world.
Crazy things happen here. And are sold here.

5)  Had Buckwheat for lunch
6)  Taught the kiddos how to crabwalk in class today

7)  Hung out with some of the cutest kids known to man

8)  Ate a neterine. That's always good news.
9)  Movie night with the other girls! Areil wants us to watch some random Indie movie I've never heard of. Wish me luck!
10) SUNSHINE!!! The rain broke, and it's been beautiful :)
NOTE: Funny thing I learned from the missionaries last Sunday: Lietuva ("Lithuania" in... Lithuanian) directly translates to "land of rain". Whoop.

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