Sunday, July 29, 2012

Busy day at church!

After yesterday's adventure, we were all pretty sunburned and exhausted on our way into church.  Still though - it was a wonderful day!

For starters, the missionaries and us ILP teachers sang a musical number of "Be Still my Soul" - I love this song and it's always been one of my favorite hymns.
Granted, we probably didn't sing quite that good, but still :)

Also, all us ILP teachers had an opportunity to bear our testimonies in church today. Last week, Edward had called and asked if we would be willing to speak in Sunday, and we were all happy to! It was wonderful to have a chance to share my testimony with the people in the Lithuanian branch, and bear testimony of the truths I've come to know. I love this gospel, and the opportunities I have to better myself as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

After sacrament meeting, I headed into Primary to help out with the lesson and do crowd control. While there, I discovered that Brigitta had forgotten to ask if I would give the lesson that week, and ended up winging the whole thing. Luckily, children aren't too picky about lessons, as long as coloring is involved. And let's be honest - I've been teaching everyday for the past 3 months.  Let's hope I can handle a primary lesson by now :)
Daniel's (the son of Edward) drawing. When I asked who the people in the picture were, he replied that it was his Dad and him, and did I know that his Dad loves him?
Ema's drawing.

Glori's drawing, complete with Primary song lyrics :)
As you can tell, this is Arturs :)
And lastly, Vesta
Downside of today - it was ridiculously hot outside! We're talking 88 F. Bleh.

Upside - we started working on teaching Sophi to spell her name. We're getting there :)

Another downside - today marked the third Sunday until we leave! Only two more Sunday's now before we fly back to the US to resume normal life. Not entirely sure how I feel about that yet.

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