Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The sisters: Danielle and Toma

Today's topic: The crazy sisterhood lives of Danielle and Toma.

I always giggle when comparing two different siblings, and discovering that they are polar opposites of each other.  This seems to happen alot, and it's still just as funny in Lithuania :)

Danielle is a crazy rambunctious girl, always zooming everywhere are the speed of light.  She ALWAYS seems to be hyper, is best of friends with Miss Alysa, and makes the kookiest faces sometimes.
Yep. That's pretty much Danielle in a nut shell.
Other fun things about Danielle:
1)  Sometimes, she enjoys acting like a dog. Actually, a lot of the time.  For example, see picture above.

2)  Danielle is one of the only kids who have learned to "work the ILP system".  Whenever we call the kids to attention with "Whose being good??" Danielle immediately shuts down her crazy side, folds her arms and gets this docile/half glazed look on.  However, while this does mean that she usually gets called on first... she kind of looks brain dead when she gets that look on.

3)  Danielle is dancing all the time! Then again, I'm not entirely sure if it's necessarily "dancing" or just an expression of the limitless energy she seems to have, but either way - it's cute.

4)  In class this week, Danielle wasn't being her usually jumpy and happy self, and was instead kind of sleepy and holding her stomach. I was concerned and asked her what was wrong, and she said that her stomach was really hurting. I was concerned, since she's usually really happy, and wasn't at all that day. I figured she was really sick, and we called her Mom, who came and got her a short while later. The next day, Dima laughingly informed us that Danielle had been faking - apparently, she just really wanted to go home and play with some new toy her parents had gotten. 

5)  Danielle treats everything like a jungle gym. Especially us. When she comes running in the room, she will grab our arms, swing herself around and run back out the door again before you have time to blink. 

 Contrastingly, Toma is much more reserved but SUPER cuddly.  When she first started at the school, she was pretty shy and wouldn't really get involved much. We learned that you have to resist babying her, because that little stinker will milk you for all the sympathy she can get.  Once she got used to school, she got much more talkative and crazy, but always stayed just as cute.
Toma always brings me flowers to class each day! She comes bolting in, toting some wildflowers that she picked from the lawn outside.
1)  When Toma first came to class, she would cry and go into fits if she was separated from her sister. Toma ADORES her big sister Danielle. It's actually really cute to see. When Toma is upset or pouting about something in class (which honestly, happens a lot) Danielle will just sigh and open a spot next to her. Toma brightens up immediately and will go running over to stand by her sister. 

2)  I love the flowers that Toma always brings to class.  At the beginning of the school year, I got in the habit of just saying "thank you", giving her a hug, and placing the flowers on the windowsill by the door. This had to change really quickly, when after 3 days or so, there was a monstrous pile of dead grass and flowers there.

3)  Toma is SO cuddly. She always insists on sitting by the teacher, and will constantly hang on your arm, rub your leg, or just touch you.  It's her comfort zone, and honestly pretty endearing - so I'm okay with it :)

4) In contrast to Danielle's jungle gym antics, Toma usually runs in behind her sister and will simply hug your legs and look up at you, smiling. It melts my heart every time, and I just love that girl.

5)  Purple.  Both of the girls wear purple ALL THE TIME! I'm not sure if they love it, and that's just coincidence. But they always have matching purple outfits.

They're both super cuddly sisters, and so adorable! So different in so many ways, but just precious little girls :)

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