Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thunderin' Thunday

Just for maximal hilarity, that title needs to be said with a lisp. Just saying.

Today was a great Sunday! Thunderstorms on both ends with some blistering heat sandwiched in the middle.  Good old fashioned biopolar weather.

Church itself was great - the girls got all 6 of the Elder missionaries serving in our district (for more on LDS missions, click HERE) Oreos from Prague! So, we got them all packaged up in paper sleeves with cute 4th of July celebrations colored on them, then gave the Oreo presents to the Elders at church today. It was good timing as well, since their transfer period (missionaries only stay in areas within their mission for so long) is this Thursday. Hopefully they all stay here! We love the Elders in our Branch. They serve so faithfully, and are always willing to help.

After getting home from church, I took some time to head out into the parks around our apartment complex and take some alone time to write in my journal.  It was great to reflect on all that's been going on for the past few weeks, and especially great to make some new friends! While I was sitting there, an elderly woman (who I found out later is 87) and her daughter sat by me on my little bench. After staring curiously at my laptop where I was typing in my journal, the Mom asked me something in Lithuanian. I apologized and explained I didn't speak Lithuanian. The daughter piped up and translated for her mother, saying she asked what I was doing. I explained my journal to them, asked how she knew English, and got to talking with my new Lithuanian friends. It was great to speak to a native Lithuanian - I wish I was able to more often.

Finished off the day with some planning, hard core thunder (it set off the car alarms outside our window) and eating a WHOLE avocado with salt, pepper and a spoon (Yes, I said avocado. I found one at Maxima! It was a good day :)

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