Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tokyo, China?

All us ILP girl slept in pretty late this morning (which may have been a result of the fact that we were up embarrassingly late...) and got our beauty rest. This little tidbit was exceptionally important, because as everyone knows, you've just got to look fabulous for your day out in the city.  Started out by catching a bus into the city, and dropping Areil and Elise off at the National Art Gallery. Janese, Bailey and I had other ideas though:
We went to go get Chinese food! Please take notice of the name - notice anything glaringly, geographically wrong?
This here is China - do you see anything about Tokyo on there?

NO! No you don't. That's because it's over here, in Japan.
And that's the story of how we ended up eating at a restaurant called "Tokyo Japan" whilst in Lithuania. Which also served Thai food. It was an interesting morning.
Despite the lack of geographical sense, they still had great food!

And complimentary hot towels. I do love me some complimentary hot towels.
After lunch, we left on an adventure wandering around Vilnius. The area we were in was beautiful, complete with wide open green fields and a view of the Neris river.

And also a skate park. Complete with basketball courts and beach volleyball. 

While we were crossing the bridge, this wedding party was celebrating.  As we walked by, one of the groomsmen stuck a wicker basket in our faces, overflowing with little chocolate candies. He asked us to take some (in Lithuanian, of course) and then complained when we only took 1 each. Jolly guy :)

I love this park - one of my favorite walking spots in Vilnius!

Also, Janese we overtaken by her childhood wishes, and wanted to roll down this huge grass hill!

Janese, rolling her life away!
VICTORIOUS! It was super cute :)
We finished off the day with a visit to my favorite wood shop, some amber earrings, and a random pizza that Dima decided to bring over. Complete with pickles. Sometimes, he just spoils us. Actually, always he spoils us.

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