Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wacky Wednesday, for sure

Today is Wednesday, right? I sure hope so, otherwise that title will make no sense. Except for the "wacky" part. That applies, no matter the day.

Started off with another great run - Elise, Janese and I took a spin around the outdoor track in a park near our apartment complex.  It's a wonderful place to run, complete with great shade, dog dodging, and a snail minefield (Seriously. Those things are everywhere! I'm afraid to look at anything other than the ground when I run for fear I'll step on one).  After getting cleaned up, I spent the morning doing scripture study, sending an email to my sister Eden (who's currently serving a full-time LDS mission in Salt Lake, Utah.  If you want to hear about her adventures, I keep a blog updated for her too - click HERE) and drinking a ridiculous amount of water.  After lunch, it was meetings and lesson prep until the kids started arriving.

Classes today were pretty fun - we did straw art, which basically involves dropping paint into the middle of a paper, blowing it around with a straw and seeing what cool patterns/colors you can get.  It was super fun to do, though I was a little worried once the kids could barely walk straight from getting so light headed.  Little Dora started looking at me funny and asked why I was falling over. Turns out, she was.

Couple other highlights of the day:
1) Discovering Ema's love for HS musical and crazy dancing. What a great combination.  Man, that girl has the hips of a 20 year old.
2)  Finding a "Sky Dancers" book in our new collection (Bailey's brother gathered and mailed us about 300 books for his Eagle project).  Do you remember Sky Dancers? The strange looking toys from the 90's that spun into sky and captured hearts of children everywhere? 
Look how happy she is with her 90's belly shirt and Sky Dancer doll! Doesn't that make you want to go buy one right now? Too bad they were recalled. But that's a different story.
More or less, you would insert the toy onto a base, pull the string and laugh the Sky Dancer into the sky. Her little foam wings would work as a propeller while it flew. Those things were great.

Anyway, the point of this tangent is that I discovered a book today that was based on the Sky Dancer TV show, which was also delightful.  And somehow resulted in this tangent.

After school, we finished off the day with a bang.  Our internet was down this morning, and Elise needed to get an internet connection so she could Skype her friend Will. Since our internet was down, we decided to go to the only other sensible place one might find WiFi - McDonald's of course! We made plans to head into Akropolis after school, but discovered the internet was working again by then. Since we'd already made the plan and all, Bailey and I decided to go anyway. We had a plan to accomplish.

You see, neither one of us have ever had a Big Mac before.  And while I've been completely okay with this for the previous 20 years of my life, today was a day of change. Grease was in the air. It was destiny.
Oh, and hot air balloons. Hot air balloons were in the air too.

Not sure why there were so many tonight, but they were beautiful!

Bailey, cheerily undaunted by the pile of food in front of her.

Can I just say - is it really necessary to but 2 patties and 3 buns on one hamburger? Excessive. Then again, this is McDonalds.

Bailey, conqueror of the carbs.

So proud right now.
You can consider me American now.

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  1. Wow. I'm impressed you conquered that burger. Did you think it was gross? :) And also, have you seen Supersize Me? I feel like you might enjoy it... or just be super grossed out. haha