Monday, July 16, 2012

What the what?

News flash of the day: As of yesterday, I have less than a month left here in Lithuania. 


When I first got here, I remember thinking, "4 months is such a looong time. I'm sure I'll look back and think the time flew, but it'll feel like an eternity at the moment".  Turns out, I know myself pretty well, because that's exactly what happened.

(As a side note, consensus votes that "predicting the future" is only valid when you're not predicting your own future. That's cheating apparently.)

This realization (coupled with the fact that Janese now talks about it every 2 hours now) has led me to think about what I will (and will not) miss about Vilnius.

Things I will miss:
1)  The kids. Oh, the kids.
2)  The Lithuanian branch members.
3)  The YOGHURT!  I'm already a little sad just thinking about leaving that ambrosia behind.
4)  That one random child who lives on the playground in front of our apartment (literally. Out there all day from about 7am to 9pm) who always yells "HI!" to us when we leave. Oh, and he threw a ball at Janese's head once. (In his defense, Elise told him to)
5)  Our missionary friends.  I love all those Elders.
6)  Bruno Mars. Just kidding. He's in America too.
No really. I love this song!
7)  Did I mention the kids?
8)  The dog print blanket I sleep with. And the airplane pillow. I'll miss that guy too.
9)  The demonic pirate cat wallpaper in Areil's room.
10)  Walking under the Polish religious protection every day.
You'll have to read my post about these guys, because I'm definitely not explaining it all again.
11)  Having to read my food labels with Google translate
12)  The bus system. Really, I'm kind of attached to those guys.
13)  Having to shave my legs with shampoo.
14)  Blogging every day. About things that I actually want to remember.
15)  Coming up with strange little games to keep the kids occupied.
16)  Having Olita braid my hair at church every week.
17)  Having the missionaries translate everything for us at church. It's grown on me to have my own personal announcer (who also makes me laugh every time they forget how to speak English)
18)  Our kindergarten cook friends.  They're such sweet ladies :)
19)  Bounty coconut ice cream bars.  Those things are heaven.
20)  Run down Kebab stands. Especially the one with my Muhammad friend. And his mint.

Things I will not miss:
1)  The rude crane flies. Seriously? Why would you have the nerve to fly into someone's apartment only to drop dead and leave your carcass on their floor 2 hours later? Seriously, it's like a crane fly graveyard over here. And we don't even touch them! Apparently, they have a life span of moldy cheese.
2)  That one kid who threw rocks at our window at 6am today.
3)  The smell of cigarette smoke
4)  Our washing machine - that thing has attitude.  It's gotten into a nasty habit of electrocuting anyone who touches it lately. Nasty habit.
5)  That toilet. It also has attitude issues.
6)  The lack of chocolate chips.
7)  DILL. Never again.
8)  Ground up meat. Once again. Never again.
9)  The overpowering smell of body odor.  
10)  Body Odor? Did I mention that?

Overall, the things I'll miss far outweigh the things I won't.  And in the end, I'll still remember and laugh at parts of Lithuania I won't necessarily miss.

Why on earth am I blogging about this now? I'm not leaving for a month. Disregard everything I just said. Then come back and read it in a month.

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  1. I have only one thing to say: I KNOW. :) In so many ways.

    (OK--two things...) I can't wait to get back there!!