Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Attention to the details

Today was relatively uneventful - did some cardio workouts in the morning, got some scripture reading in, had a kitchen day with the kids in gym (had to do 10 jumping jacks for one fork, etc.), and ended the day by watching Dr. Who with Areil till midnight!!
What can I say? I'm a sucker for a man with fabulous hair. Which he definitely has.
Since the clock for our time in Lithuania is seriously starting to tick down, I've started paying attention to the little details that I'll know I'll miss. For example:

The Food -
For starters, that DANG yoghurt!! It's amazing. I love it all.
Also, the delicious cookies that the kindergarten cooks give us every other day - you know, the ones that saw "Cow" on them in Russian? Those are yummy.
The other variety of cookies that we get, which happen to have a rooster on them.  I've gotten into this habit lately: I nibble around the edges of the cookies, then bite off the wings, then the head, then the body. It's delicious. (And apparently sounds kind of morbid to explain... sorry about that)
The wonderful cheap produce - despite the fact that it molds at the speed of light.

The City -
Walking around on cobblestone streets.
The street performers, blowing or banging on random instruments to earn coins.
Maneuvering the bus systems to get around the city.
The constant noise of children playing on the playground outside our window.
Previously mentioned children throwing rocks at our window at 6am. Sigh.
All the uniform Soviet apartments. The mundane repetiviteness of it all grows on you after a while.
Seeing a dozen hot air balloons in the sky every night

The Lithuanian Branch - 
Having Olita come marching up in sacrament meeting to braid our hair. Every Sunday.
Having the Elder's translate all the meetings for us, and getting little side jokes in edgewise.
Having every inch of my clothing tugged on and grabbed by every Lithuanian child ever.
Singing in Lithuanian
Singing musical numbers with the "choir" :)

The Kids -
Oh the kids.
Being called "teacher" every 3 seconds
Teaching the kids to yell "Opa!"
Getting scolded every time I count in Spanish, or say "Opa" - "English only, teacher!"
Coming home every night completely exhausted, then questioning my sanity every time I do it again the next day.

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