Monday, August 6, 2012

Bowling adventures

Lietuva [lɪəˈtuːvə]
(Placename) the Lithuanian name for Lithuania - translates to "land of rain"

Let's just say that Lietuva has definitely been earning it's name lately. Holy rainfall, Batman.  We've had thunderstorms off and on for the last couple of nights.  Living life on the edge. That's Lithuania for you.

Today was pretty similar to the usual pattern - however, there was a pretty exciting add in tonight, since it was Mantas's birthday! Mantas is one of the boys that we met at the Lake party Sebastian had last weekend, and he invited us to go bowling with him and some friends for his birthday! I didn't actually end up going since I had some stuff to finish at the apartment, but Bailey, Elise and Janese all went! They returned home later that night (or early that morning?) loaded with stories of English mix ups, bowling bets, and a certain Lithuanian who mixed up the words "strained" and "constipation". Apparently, he thinks his English is constipated. Which, speaking anatomically, I'm pretty sure is impossible. 

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