Saturday, August 11, 2012

Eating spree, and dinner with the Konikov's!

A couple of days ago, Areil got an email from the ILP office, apologizing that they had never made it out to our school for mid-semester visits or sent our package out in time.  While that was the bad news, the good news was that they had decided to make it up to us and wire $100 to Areil's account for us to spend on getting something for ourselves!!

Pretty much, that was our plan for the day. Good plan, right? :)

We started out by getting up early and getting started on cleaning up the apartment. We're fairly sure that the previous teachers didn't clean anything all semester long, and things were building up and getting pretty gross.  We decided to work on that and spent a good 3 hours sweeping, scrubbing, soaking, and even scrapping every inch of our apartment. Including getting the dozens of digimon stickers off our fridge.  That was a bitter-sweet goodbye :)
Imagine 30 of these guys stuck to your fridge. Strangely enough though, you get a little attached to the things.  Like I said - bittersweet :)
Once we had finished scrubbing down the apartment, we got cleaned up and headed into Old Town for some breakfast at Gusto's blini.
This was one of the first restaurants we went to in Vilnius, and it seemed fitting that it should be our last. Also, I got some spicy beef blini, and that's hard to beat :)
Elise, loving on her hot cocoa
We even all sat in the EXACT same spots as the first time we got here. You can't actually tell from this picture, but that means I got the reject chair pulled up to the end of the table twice.
 After we'd finished gorging ourselves with Lithuanian pancakes, we started exploring old town and following the ILP commands to get ourselves some souvenirs. I walked away with a cozy pair of sage green mittens, which I proceeded to cuddle with/wear at random points of the day, I loved them that much. Since we still had some money left over, we decided to go get ice cream at Dione, a yummy place in Old Town.
Not only do they have the BEST caramel ice cream and waffle cones of my life, you get to eat that scrumptious while sitting in plush armchairs.  Yet again, what's not to like?
 Whilst downing our ice cream, we even entertained ourselves with the children's menu coloring pages! The good news is, it even came with an awesome crossword puzzle, which when completed, revelealed a secret word! The bad news is, the crossword puzzle was in Lithuanian, and therefore we had no idea what the blank words were. So, we improvised and made up our own words to fit the spaces! Turns out, our secret word was "Leias", which I'm convinced is this girl's Lithuanian name:
I can see it now - Leias and Lukas, the Lithuanian twin galactic heroes!
After ice cream, we even wandered by our favorite sweater tree.
On a side note, every Lithuanian I've asked about this sweater tree has absolutely no idea why it's there.  Combine that mystery with the knitted polka dots, and you've got quite an exciting tree on your hands!
Also, since I've seen this last, someone knitted another scarf for a nearby lamppost. Some babushka is going wild!
 Our day in town was super fun, and it was good to spoil ourselves.  We made the trip home again, took a brief 20 minute power nap, then headed out the door again to go to Dima's house for dinner!!
Bailey, Janese and I sitting in the gutter. You know, it was a striped kind of day.
The bus got us to Dima's house really early, so we decided to kill some time and enjoy the swing set in their apartment complex.
You know when your legs are really long and take up half the picture frame? No? Oh, maybe that's just me :)

Whilst we enjoyed the swings, Bailey got in touch with her inner hobo and crashed on a nearby park bench.  Can't blame her - this girl was surviving off of 2 hours sleep.  She was a trooper :)
 Once we actually headed up to Dima's apartment, we spent some time playing with the girls, helping Dima format the recording of the spectacle, and goofing off. I eventually wandered into the kitchen to help Natasha with dinner, and we all sat down to eat.
Natasha made an AWESOME dinner with chicken, mashed potatoes and tomato salad.  Top that with strawberry-kiwi Fanta, and we had all sorts of fancy going on in that meal!
Now, I'm not sure if the girls were all hyped up on Fanta sugar or just excited that the teachers were there, but they were CRAZY! Sofia especially - this girl was bouncing for 2 hours straight, and still seemed to have energy to spare. Also, she loves doing fish faces, as you can see.

Alysa was showing me her Ju Jit Su skills. I assure you, she is deadly. Dima is so proud :)
For desert, we had watermelon! The best part was, it came with a show as we watched the girls dig around the seeds and make a general mess of themselves.
Dima with all us ILP teachers. See that guy there? He's wonderfully fantastic :)
Did I mention he's silly?
From left: Hillary (me), Natasha, Sofia, Dima and Alysa
Did I mention I LOVE this family?
Also, the girls were in such a cray-cray mood, and we had all sorts of hilarious going-ons.  At this point, I'm just going to post videos of the craziness of the day, and admit that I really have no explanation for alot of what happened that day. Sofia was just nuts.
Let me just state that when Sofia gets this hyper, I end up with some SERIOUS leg workouts!
Also, Alysa is a hardcore Jujutsu chick.  She won a big ol' competition when she was 5, and frequently enjoys putting us in headlocks. Dima is so proud.
I just had to record this, because I never want to forget the way the kids say my name - "Teacher Hallawry"
This one's just hilarious since Sofia kept posing every 3 seconds, since she thought I was taking a picture. Also, it's mildly funny to watch her mummify Areil. Mildly.

Sofia also went through this strange morbid mummifying mood and started wrapping my scarf all over everyone's face.  It was pretty strange...
It was such an exhausting, wonderful day :) It was so good to spend some time with Dima and his family - I LOVE those people, and spending time with them. The konikov's are definitely one of the things I'll miss the most about Lithuania.

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  1. Beautiful pics. And those videos are awesome! haha. So adorable and hilarious.