Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Forest fruits and Jet lag

It's been a random, yet busy kind of day!! Let's get some highlights in here, shall we? :)

For starters, Janese and I got a kick out of the two seriously wasted men we saw stumbling around Justiniskes.  One was staggering across the sidewalk, while the other was passed out face down in the grass.  7pm on a Wednesday. Go Lithuania :)

I got an email from my sister Eden!! She's on an LDS mission in temple square at the moment, and is able to send out emails once a week.  If you want to read up on her life, I'm also running a blog for her - HERE
Sister Lake (the foxy one on the right) with her district in SLC!
 Vika brought us over some Lithuanian love! She spent the day in the forest with her Mom, picking all the yumminess that Vilnius has to offer. In this case - blueberries, wild mushrooms and cucumbers!
Can you tell that I love them? :)
For teaching, we rehearsed with the kids in the stage today!! Wonderful as an idea as that was on paper.... it was chaos. Complete, ridiculous, shoes flying across the room chaos.  Sigh. Ah well, we'll try some new things out for the practice again tomorrow, and hope it goes better!

Since the girls lost the bowling bet from Monday night, they had Mantas and the crew over for dinner tonight. Since Areil and I weren't victims of a bowling-gone-bad dinner, we decided to be anti-social and go to dinner at the kindergarten instead. Best decision ever. I ate 3 oranges (man, I love those things), some mashed potatoes, and half a package of delicious tiramisu flavored cookies.  Why are the deserts here so much better than in America?

Also, Carissa mentioned this little goodie to me a few days ago, and Areil discovered it again tonight!  This will come in handy very soon.
On the off chance that someone else may be the victim of 28 1/2 hours flights home (yes, I counted) I thought I'd share :) If anything else, you get to enjoy that artistic picture of a fish - look at the curve on that body!
On the plus side, it's good to know that some things are consistent in my life right now.  When the girls invited the boys over for dinner tonight, I ended up introducing myself when they got here, then hiding in my room and doing Nike workouts for the rest of the night. It's good to know that amidst different languages, foods and cultures, my hermit-like-habits are still consistent ;)

Funny story for the day - since I don't speak Lithuanian, going grocery shopping is always a pleasant surprise.  People have come home with horseradish and wrong yoghurt flavors before.  On Sunday, I ran over to the store to get some butter to make Elder Reynolds birthday cookies, and ended up coming home with garlic/chive flavored spread. Oops. On the plus side, it'll go great with the mushrooms Vika brought us! :)

P.S. I also made a hilarious discovery this week - the kids here have NEVER heard a southern accent before! It's hilarious! I started doing a southern drawl while drawing with the kids in class, and looked up to see stunned looks on every child's face. Z finally pipped up and said "Teacher! What is wrong with your voice??"

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