Friday, August 10, 2012

Last day of Teaching!!!

You know those thousands of wise-sage-like quotes telling you to enjoy the moments you live in, because you know you won't always have them? I recently discovered that I hate strongly dislike (my mom's voice just mentally checked in, reminding me that's a mean word to say.... how on earth does she do that when I'm now 20 years old, and on the other side of the world? That woman is good.) those quotes. They remind me that only some wonderful things can last forever, and makes me feel obligated to take pictures of anything remotely related to my life, panicking that I may want to remember that someday!  See the problem these silly quotes present? Why Pinterest and Facebook addicts find them inspirational, I'll never know.

Anyway, this tangent is brought to you by the emotionally exhausted ILP teachers of Lithuania. Today was another reminder that only some wonderful things can last forever, and teaching English in Vilnius is not one of them.

On the plus side, we had a GREAT last day with the kids!! Started out by getting up early with Areil for breakfast, and directly starting on our Jello spree after getting back home. When we came out to Lithuania back in April, we were prepared with treats and goodies to make with the kids in classes, knowing that that would be a great lesson! This explains that 20 boxes of Jello that ended up making it's way here to America, only to be told that the kids aren't allowed to have sugar. Since Jello has the sugar content of approximately 34 X-large marshmallows (I'll give you a hint - both have a lot), we figured that was a no go.
Don't be deceived by it's jiggly, jolly, gelatinous looking appearance. These things will have you on a sugar high in 30 seconds flat.
However, since these Jello boxes have received no love all semester, we figured all rules were lifted on the last day of teaching, and we were going to have a Jello party! 4 hours, 50 plastic cups and a whole lot of refrigeration later, we were prepped and ready to send our kids on their merry way to a sugar induced coma! Can't you tell we love them so?

While the Jello was solidifying in the fridge, I got some Nike workouts in (which resulted in a really sore body - apologies to all appendages), a shower, and even made some start shaped ice cubes.  Around noon or so, Vika came over to do her visiting teaching, armed with a spiritual lesson, Russian tea cakes, Gira, and a game of UNO. It was a great little break :) (And I discovered some bonus rounds for UNO - score!)

After we had finished up with lunch and gotten everything ready, we headed over to the school to get started on setting up for the Spectacle/party.  We got everything up in time, and were there to greet the kids when they started showing up, decked out in their spectacle clothes.  We started out the party by ushering everyone into the other room, arming them all with construction paper movie tickets, and starting up the movie "The Lion King".
The kids, all set up and geared for movie time :)
As you can tell, they were pretty excited!
I ended up sitting in the front with the kids whilst Sofia did my hair in all sorts of elaborate up-do's
After we had entertained the kids long enough, we ended up playing musical chairs as well
Also,for the sake of childhood and meerkat's everywhere, here's a great little nostalgic link:
I would probably argue that this one of the greatest openings to a movie in history. Period.

In other words, I forgot how much I love this movie. And that I still cry every time Mufasa dies.

After entertaining the kids with my emotional attachment to fictional African creatures, I went to go help Dima get face paint on all the kiddos for the spectacle show.  They looked seriously cute.
As I've mentioned briefly before, Dima's got a bit of art background in him, and therefore did an AWESOME job on the kids face paint :) They all looked great!
The actual spectacle itself went great, including the brief interruption when Z stood inthe middle of the stage panicking, since he had to go to the bathroom. We got him out of there in time though, so no worries :)
The set up for the spectacle, right before the show.
Pirate Z and I, after the spectacle

After the spectacle was done, we had a brief hiccup when one of the school keys went missing, though we figured it out eventually.  After conquering that little bump, we also had to track down the other girls, who had accidentally wandered off with all keys to our apartment.  Eventually, we got everything figured out, and headed over to Charlies to meet with the other girls and some friends. Why, you may ask? Why, for karaoke night!!

First off, let me state that this was not my idea.

Second off, I rediscovered again-again my love for the Lion King, especially when the love ballads are sung drunk-Lithuanian-karaoke style. I could definitely feel the love that night :) Another great highlight was when our friend Gregorija sang "I can't help falling in love with you" and dedicated it to all us American girls.  The topper though was probably when the Lithuanian announcer praised Bailey for her singing skills and announced her as the future lead singer of Coldplay! That girl's got quite the future ahead of her, apparently :)

Also, I'm feeling pretty nostalgic right now and therefore will document all the goodies we got from the kiddos/parents at tonight's show:
My favorite flowers, circus roses!! Not only are they equipped with peachy colored goodness, but they've a super cool name! What's not to like?

Our copious pile of chocolate, home picked apples, rye bread crackers and cookies. Yum.

Sometimes, people give us alcohol, and we don't really know what to do about it...

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