Thursday, August 2, 2012

Optometrist photo shoot

Tidbits of the day:
1)  Had a great cardio workout this morning, and took a much needed shower!
2)  One word - Avocado.
3)  Since I'm almost out of contact solution, I've been wearing my glasses for the past couple of days.  I wore them to school today, and ALL the kids were fascinated by them.  At the beginning of each class, all the kids wanted to try them on, take pictures, then turn the camera on me and take some optometrist model shots.

Goda, looking bewildered by the glasses

Me, doing whatever pose I was commanded to.

I believe Z commanded me to sleep?


Oh you know. Z.


Who knew glasses were so exciting, right?  Note that all these pictures were not taken by me... therefore, I was in a constant state of panic with images of my camera being passed from sticky little fingers and crashing to the ground.  However, I am glad to report that no camera were harmed in this photo shoot.

Z's puppy. He got in on the fun.
4)  Silvija (Z's Mom) was super nice and brought us more produce from their greenhouse! Tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh basil. Oh my.
5)  PLUS, Vika brought us from fresh picked blueberries!

Summary? Good day.

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