Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pizza Party with the kiddos!

Today was just... one of those days. And by "those", I don't mean the crazy-days-where-all-you-want-to-do-is-pulzarize-a-pillow kind. I mean the why-on-earth-am-I-so-lucky-to-be-here-right-now? kind. It was a good day :)

Sadly, today was our last day teaching the kiddos. We will still see them tomorrow, but aren't actually teaching then. So, I decided to record some of the things I knew I would miss:
The kids singing "You are my Sunshine"
Z's odd habit of hiding under tables when we gets emotional. He's under there about... eh, 80% of the class.

The faces Sofia and Alysa make when they're being "so good!"

Justas always slinking into the room, and claiming that spot on the wall. He likes it there.

Artur, providing dinner and a show every time he has a snack. That boy is nuts.

Dora. Just... Dora.

Alysa, always posing for the camera :)
Gabrielas and his ever-present monkey.  Whose head also happens to be HUGE.

Sofia and her attitude.
The kids singing Itsy Bitsy Spider
It was a great little opening day :) Class itself was pretty chill - I didn't really want to do anything super demanding, since I wanted to enjoy my day with the kids. So, we make a beautiful little rainbow out of toilet paper tubes and art scraps, then played UNO with the time left over :)
The kiddos playing UNO

Alex.  He's super cute, in case you can't tell.

We also discovered the jetpacks that Bailey made in class a few days ago, and had quite the jolly time! Stefanija loved it :)

As did Alex, not that you can tell from his somber stance...
In between classes, we also took a break from teaching and attempted to run through the spectacle show with the kids...
One of these is not like the others...

Elise, playing the songs for the kids on her guitar.

Dora, just being a cow. You know.
It was so fun, and not too chaotic. I think it'll go well tomorrow! This was just a sneak peek - stay tuned for a masterful show! (kind of. As masterful as 8 year olds can be, I suppose)

Anyway, as great as school was, the activities after school were even better :) Barbara (Mose, Dora and Sima's mom) and Ilona (Alex and Daniels mom) invited us ILP teachers to go out with them and their kids to pizza and ice cream! We were super excited to go, and had an AWESOME time!
Alex and Daniel, on the car ride over

Alex. Like I said, super cute.

Once we all unloaded, we were at this jolly little place - complete with volleyball court, skate park, a strange graffitit portrait of the mona lisa, and basketball courts. It's a great place.

Bailey, Janese and I with Alex and Daniel


While walking across the bridge, we even discovered it was blocked off for a modeling shoot they were doing. Strange apparel including wedding dresses and construction vests were included. It was weird...

Pretty entertaining to watch them run "gracefully and seductively" across the bridge into the camera though.  Hurrah Europe :)

We finally managed to get a picture with all of us before heading into Mamba pizza for some food!

All of the crew, squished into one of the Mamba booths

Note that in the picture above, Sima started off sitting between Janese and I.  However, considering the fact that this child has the attention span of a wet sponge, he was ducking under the table for some adventure pretty quickly. This kid was FAST! He would duck in and out of gaps in the table like lightening, and lift random stuff of yours before you even noticed! He made it off with my waterbottle, and even Elise's iPhone.  Sigh. That kid.

Janese had to put him in a headlock to get him to hold still. And they both looked really cute in the process :)

Sima, Janese, Dora, Elise and Bailey

Areil and Mose

Areil, Mose and I

Daniel, Sima (who managed to duck under the table and make it over there in between the previous picture of him and this one), Barbara, Alex and Ilona.

Janese, Dora (who had a bad habit of cutting off your windpipe whilst hugging you - hence the fact that Janese is smiling/wincing in pain) and Elise

Mose, showing his Italia spirit! His mom is Lithuanian, but his dad is Italian. Therefore, their kids speak Russian, Lithuanian, English and Italian. Once again, why is America so lame?

Sima, ducking under tables again. And still looking ridiculously cute in the process.

Dora and I

After we finished the pizza, they brought out our ICE CREAM!!
 NOTE: For a sneak peek into the ridiculous things we teach these kids, see HERE
We love our Ice cream :)

After dinner was over, Mose and Sima had a nice little spitwad war. We discovered that Mose's got the bets accuracy, but Sima is pretty dang fast... overall, I'd say it was a draw.

Meanwhile, Dora picked up Sima's habit of crawling under the table. When I noticed her down there, I hugged her arm and asked what she was doing. She responded by smooching every inch of my knee she could reach. It vaguely felt like a fish was sucking on my leg, but was still pretty cute :)
 After we had stuffed ourselves with every variation of grease and sugar Mamba pizza had to offer, we started walking out to the car... then got fantastically side tracked by the field and skate park next to the bridge.
Mose, chilling by the Mona Lisa graffiti lady.

Dora, Bailey and Sima, use their creative juices to magically turn the sides of the skateboard pipe into a glorious slide. It was scary. They made me go down it with them a few times, and I thought I was going to die.

Also, I made the mistake of teaching the kids a glorious game - rolling down hills. Who knew it would leave to 20 minutes of craziness and mud streaks on clothing?

We also discovered Sima's ability to do a perfect headstand. This kid is a monkey. Seriously!! (on that note, he's actually a monkey in the play, but informed Areil today that he wasn't a normal monkey. He's a pirate monkey.)
It was an exhausting, but ridiuculously fun day :) After we managed to run a 5K chasing children, we all headed back to the car to go home for the night.

And... Alex stole his Mom's sunglasses. No matter where you are, the little-kid-wearing-big-sunglasses-look is always cute.
It was SUCH a good day. The kind of day that makes you realize just what you're leaving behind.  And it makes it just that much harder.

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