Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Primary Activity Party!!

For starters: it rained today. Again. And by "rain", I mean huge-ginormous-thunderstorms-the-night-before-from-10pm-to-about-3am.  It was wonderful, and provided quite the light show indeed.

The morning was filled with the usual agenda, just like it has for the previous 3 months.  You know: get up and go to breakfast, do some workouts, read my scriptures, the whole works.  The exciting stuff got going once we left to school.

Classes today were pretty sporadic.  At the end of every ILP semester, the teachers organize a "spectacle" - basically a play with all the students where they get to demonstrate their oh-so-wonderful-and-shiny-new English skills. We've been working on it for the past couple of weeks, and drill it with the kids twice a day now.  The spectacle itself is quite a show - complete with pirates, 3 little ducks, farmers, singing cows... the works. Should be fun :)

Anyway, we divvied up all the  assignments for the spectacle, and have been working on the props/costumes with the kids for the past couple of days. Yesterday, we made a palm tree out of handprints, and today we started on the cow costumes! It's pretty fun :) I'll post pictures once they're done!

After teaching was over, Janese and I booked it out of the school early and headed to the bus stop. Sister Miles (our new Primary President) organized a primary activity party for us American teachers! It started at 7pm, but we didn't actually finish teaching until 7:30pm. Luckily, Janese and I were done at 6:55pm and were able to be there a little bit late. Once we got to the church, we played a bunch of fun outdoor activites - three legged race (which I discovered is exponentially more difficult when the child is only as tall as your hip), bean bag toss, etc.

Once the rest of the girls got there from teaching, the kids presented us with their presents - cute posters with pictures and notes from all of them, and a picture frame with a picture of all us teachers with the primary kids. It was so precious :)
The poster from the kids :)
The picture that was in the frame they gave us - I promise it doesn't look this strange in real life.  It's just blurry and dark since I took a picture of a picture (of  a picture of a picture of a picture....)
Also, the Relief Society got in on the fun and presented us with farewell presents as well - beautiful handmade scarves they had done for a RS activity previously.  

The pictures from Primary and scarf from RS - beautiful, hm?
After we had finished up the activity, we had some yummy snacks that Sister Miles had brought! The best part - some yummy Ritz-cracker-like-goldfish that Sister Miles had found somewhere.  Apparently, Norbertis thought it was delicious as well, since he hugged the blue bowl the whole time and scowled at anyone who took some. Every once in a while, he would even shove your hand away. It was pretty hilarious. I'll admit- I even took a couple more handfuls just because I wanted to see his little scowl again :)
All us teachers with some of the Primary kids. And Norbertis, guarding the blue bowl of food :)

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