Friday, August 3, 2012

Sometimes, I creep myself out.

No really. It's true.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, as my time here in Lithuanian is dangerously close to single digits, I've started to obsessively try and notice/remember the little details about things that I know I'll forget. It's heartbreaking for me to realize that in a year, I may not even remember the fact that Artur always points with his middle finger, or eats these delicious "BelVita" cookies for snack everyday. 
Just to let you know, these things are delicious. Artur let me try some of his snack a couple days ago, and I immediately fell in love with these little cookie/snack thingys. Mm.
Being here for so long, and spending 25 hours a week with these kids... I seem to have gotten relatively attached. Surprise, right? :)  Therefore, here in the situation:

Problem - I obsessively love these kids, and am seriously bummed by the fact that I'm leaving in just over 1 1/2 weeks, and will probably never see these kids again once I go.

Solution - Creepily watch all the kids throughout the day, desperately trying to pay attention to their personalities and soak up as much of them as I can before I go.

Anyway, today was definitely an "attention to detail" kind of day.  During opening for example, I just sat in the back of the room and watched all the kids.  I remembered/noticed all sorts of fun things:

1)  Like I mentioned before, Artur always points with his middle finger.  Always.

2)  The kids LOVE the "high-five" game - you know, "high five, on the side, down low... too slow!!"

3)  Whenever Ignes is tired, he'll lean against you in opening.  When he's really tired, he'll even grab your hands and have you cover his eyes.  He'll just hold your hands there and kind of lean into your side - it's really cute :) He also enjoys the "jello legs" game, in which he completely collapses on you without warning.

4)  I counted about 18 hats at school today!! All the kids here always wear hats, all year round.  If it's Winter? It'll keep your head warm.  If it's summer, it'll shade you from the sun.  If it's Fall, it'll protect you from the dangers of falling leaves.

5)  When we do the weather in the morning, Alysa is always practically screaming to provide the right answer.  However, it's especially cute since she can't exactly pronounce correctly - she says "srunny" for sunny, and it's precious :)

6)  I learned a new talent Gabrielas has - he can stuff his whole fist into his mouth. Talented indeed.

7)  The kids calling me "cray cray" approximately 34 times a day.

8)  The stone patterns in the hallways are always a little offset - therefore, Sofia always plays hopscotch with herself when she goes down the hall.

In other news, we've also gotten pretty far into planning for our spectacle! At the end of the semester for ILP, the teachers organize and plan a little skit for the kids to act out for their parents.  This semester for example, we planned on doing a little Pirate skit - the four pirates are in search of treasure, and sail to different islands in search of it, meeting different animals on each island. It's pretty cute, and I'll be sure to post a video about it when we perform it for our last day, next Friday. It should be great!


  1. "cray cray." hahaha. I can just imagine, "Teacha, you cray cray!" So awesome. Can't wait to see the video of the kids' play :)

  2. Your play reminds me of a song called "Baby and the Animals" by Caspar Babypants. :)

    Sounds like you're enjoying your remaining days! Glad it's been such a great experience.

    1. Really? I'm not certain if I'm concerned about the fact that our high class *aHEM* production is comparable to a song titled "Baby and the Animals", or that there is seriously some unfortunate soul alive called Caspar Babypants.