Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Next Adventure!!

Hello all!!

I haven't updated my Lithuania blog in a while - I've been home for a few months now, and how life has changed!! Recently, I made the decision to share the greatest gift I have - the true gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After submitting my mission papers, the inspired modern prophets of the LDS church called me to serve in Rosario, Argentina for the next 18 months!!

For the duration of my LDS mission, I'll be emailing home weekly emails to update on the work there - if you'd like to read about my NEXT adventure, you are welcome to check it out here:

Truly, I love this gospel and the joy that the true message of Christ's love has brought to my life. Truly, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest gift I have, and the message the world needs to hear!!

And on that happy note, off I go!


  1. Szkoda, że blog przestał być aktywny. Lubię Litwę, jej piękne miejsca i życzliwych ludzi, których tam spotkałem. Pozdrawiam.

  2. Hello, I am doing a project for my High school and was wondering if I can ask you a few questions?
    How does the life in Lithuania compare to America?
    How do the people act, dress, and what are some of the different activities you've done or the people do?
    If you can live your childhood over agin, would you choose this place to do so? Why or why not?
    Thank you very much, I would greatly appreciate it if I heard back from you! Good luck and safe travels.